Pick a Pack

Probably one of the biggest choices I have to make in preparing for the GORUCK Challenge is which backpack to use.  One of the conditions of the event is that you must carry 4 bricks with you for the entire challenge, among other requisite and recommended gear.  Oh wait, make that 6 bricks if you … More Pick a Pack

Fresh Endeavor: GORUCK Challenge

Good livin’.  That’s apparently what they call it.  No matter what you call it, it looks interesting to a bonehead like me.  The GORUCK Challenge is either a ‘team building’, ‘leadership training’, or ‘gear test gone haywire’ event.  Possibly, all of the above.  I’m pee-my-pants excited.  And the preparation for it is all part of the … More Fresh Endeavor: GORUCK Challenge

Trail Test: New Balance MT100 – REI Trail Running Gaiters

It was a perfect Minnesota fall morning for trail running.  A light rain the previous night had dampend the ground and all of the leaves have left the trees.  The trails in Theo Wirth Park are fairly well used, so they are mostly hard pack dirt.  The mountain bike single-track trails are a blast and … More Trail Test: New Balance MT100 – REI Trail Running Gaiters

Marathon: Lite

I’m running my first marathon this weekend.  I was duped into running my first mary at altitude by a good friend who casualy suggested that we do a marathon in Denver. I haven’t run over 12 miles in at least a few years, but I’ve always wanted to do one.  I decided to train in … More Marathon: Lite