Fighting the Chafe

I’m not sure what’s so different these days.  Maybe I’m getting older.  Perhaps I’m a bit less tolerant than I used to be to some of the issues that come along with running long distances.  One of these issues is chafing. Chafing only seems to become an issue on my longer runs, probably those over … More Fighting the Chafe

Drink and Run, Doctor Says

I’m guessing any doctor who actually said that wasn’t talking about alcohol, but as Vanilla at Half-Fast points out: Compared with abstainers, light drinkers exercised 5.7 more minutes per week, moderate drinkers 10.1 more minutes, and heavy drinkers 19.9 more minutes. You can read the full article on WebMD here.

Running and Yoga

I know what you’re thinking, “mmm… granola is tasty.”  We’ll you’re right it is tasty.  Emily over at Barefoot Fitness found an article that echos my sentiments on the yoga/running combo. Back in college when I was running everyday, and training (mostly) properly, I was fairly strong and flexible.  But in this older, more domesticated … More Running and Yoga