Winter Running Shoe – Nike Storm Pegasus

Not bad for 10 year old running shoes

I have had a pair of Nike Storm Pegasus for years.  I think I purchased them in 1999 and have used them as a trail and winter training shoe.  The water resistant fabric has made them a great choice for cold and snowy conditions, but the breathablity makes them less than optimal for temperatures above 50 degrees.  I find that most waterproof or water resistant shoes are too stifling for for warm weather, but it’s really just a comfort thing.  Waterproofing is generally overrated for trail running shoes. 

These shoes have lasted an incredibly long time, mostly due to the fact that they never see dry pavement.  The fairly large lugs have proven great for running on a variety of frozen surfaces.  The one complaint I have is that they feel a little floppy.  It might be that the full foot air pockets have deflated. 

I have since found a pair of Nike Air Zoom Trail S+ that are my primary trail shoes, but the Storm Pegasus still get time in the winter snow.


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