Race Report: Monster Dash

If I’m anything, it’s timely.  That was sarcasm.  On Halloween morning my wife and I participated in the Team Ortho Monster Dash in Minneapolis.  It was a cool morning, perfect for racing.  We left the house a little late for the 10:30am start, but made it there at about 10:20.  With no time for a warm up, we headed directly to the starting line.  By the way, a large number of the participants run in costume.  Here are ours:

Peter Griffin and the Chicken
We only fight on TV

Other than the hood fitting a little tight, my costume was fairly easy to deal with.  The coverage kept me at a perfect warmth during the cool morning run.  I didn’t wear a watch for the run, so I’m not sure exactly what my time was, but I think it was around 19 minutes.  Not too shabby for a 5k in a chicken costume.

Jen had the more difficult task of running in a rubber mask with a pillow stuffed in her shirt.  It was funny as hell, but miserable for her.  The mask didn’t breathe and the pillow provided too much insulation.  A small price to pay for properly celebrating Halloween.

Death can be hip
Death knows a party.

Upcoming Races:


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