…better than one

I’m lucky that my wife is not only the better looking but smarter member of our pair. As usual, I rolled out in semi-awake fashion, not realizing until I was 9 miles out that I left my cell phone and pager (90’s pimp style) at home. Being without a cell phone, I was unable to … More …better than one

Reality sucks

Holy crap. April is gone, and our wedding tour of the Midwest is taking its toll on my energy, time, and wallet. I wasn’t able to get a camping trip in during the month of April. I don’t know if I’m allowed to make it up or not. I guess that kind of forfeits my … More Reality sucks

Bike to Work Week

May is National Bike Month, and May 12 – 16 is National Bike to Work Week. So get out and ride! I can understand how biking to work is difficult to get started, but with a little additional planning, it’s easily attainable. Commuting by bike for a week can push a person’s comfort level, and … More Bike to Work Week