Preparing is Half the Fun

I love preparing for backpacking trips.  Making lists, assembling gear, thinking about new gear…  Watching Youtube videos has become a standard part of that preparation.  Shug’s videos are a favorite in our crew.  Getting ready for our Sioux Hustler Trail trip in a month, Shug’s hike of that trail was a must watch.  And any … More Preparing is Half the Fun


Bike Commuting: Knog The Boxer Rackless Pannier

Just a quick post here: I purchased a Knog “The Boxer” rackless pannier earlier this year from Cambria Bicycle Outfitter; they had a heck of a deal on them.  I wasn’t so thrilled about the whole rackless thing, but I really wanted a “Dutch Dog”.  The Boxer is pretty much a Dutch Dog with a built-in frame so … More Bike Commuting: Knog The Boxer Rackless Pannier

Go-to Minimalist Shoe: Merrell Road Glove

If I could only choose one minimalist shoe, it would be the Merrell Road Glove.  It’s not the ultimate minimalist shoe (if that exists), and it might not even be my favorite, but I think it’s the most versatile and functional minimalist or “barefoot” shoe out there.  They are quite light weight at 13.2 ounces per pair … More Go-to Minimalist Shoe: Merrell Road Glove

Fresh Endeavor: GORUCK Challenge

Good livin’.  That’s apparently what they call it.  No matter what you call it, it looks interesting to a bonehead like me.  The GORUCK Challenge is either a ‘team building’, ‘leadership training’, or ‘gear test gone haywire’ event.  Possibly, all of the above.  I’m pee-my-pants excited.  And the preparation for it is all part of the … More Fresh Endeavor: GORUCK Challenge

Trail Test: New Balance MT100 – REI Trail Running Gaiters

It was a perfect Minnesota fall morning for trail running.  A light rain the previous night had dampend the ground and all of the leaves have left the trees.  The trails in Theo Wirth Park are fairly well used, so they are mostly hard pack dirt.  The mountain bike single-track trails are a blast and … More Trail Test: New Balance MT100 – REI Trail Running Gaiters

Fighting the Chafe

I’m not sure what’s so different these days.  Maybe I’m getting older.  Perhaps I’m a bit less tolerant than I used to be to some of the issues that come along with running long distances.  One of these issues is chafing. Chafing only seems to become an issue on my longer runs, probably those over … More Fighting the Chafe