Falling Into Winter: Backpacking in November, Part I

It started off like most camping trips: talk of gear and schedules, repeated trips to REI, and sugar plums dancing through our heads.  We had 4 guys, gear, and a plan.  Originally, we had picked a section of the Superior Hiking Trail for this trip, but the deer hunting opener was the same weekend as … More Falling Into Winter: Backpacking in November, Part I

Reality sucks

Holy crap. April is gone, and our wedding tour of the Midwest is taking its toll on my energy, time, and wallet. I wasn’t able to get a camping trip in during the month of April. I don’t know if I’m allowed to make it up or not. I guess that kind of forfeits my … More Reality sucks

TWC – March

So, as could be expected, I waited until the last weekend of March to get my camping trip in.  I was really hoping it would warm up and stay above 40F over night.  That wasn’t quite the case, but it was bearable.  I started planning on Wednesday for my over-nighter on Friday.  I made a … More TWC – March

In the beginning

That has to be one of the most overused first post titles, but it seemed a fitting place to start. My last manager has a son who is a boy scout. This young scout had set out to achieve a traditional boy scout award: the Twelve-month Camping Award. (I’ll call it an award, because I’m … More In the beginning