Race Report: Psycho Wyco 50K

I’m not sure what possessed me to agree to run a 50K, but it seemed like a good idea when my friend suggested it.   So last weekend I headed back to KC for the Trail Nerds’ Psycho Wyco Trail Run. I rolled up to Brad’s house around 6:30 on Friday night. We decided it … More Race Report: Psycho Wyco 50K


There are soon to be more

More bikers. That’s right folks, rising gas prices are bringing more people into the light. RideFridays.org has been doing a great job of encouraging and informing for a while now. A recent post covers the increasing use of alternative means of commuting in the KC area.

Look both ways…

My ride home last night was mostly average, the morning’s tailwind became the afternoon’s headwind, and the average descent became the ascent. However, I did come across a notable discovery: a difference between Johnson county and Jackson county. In Johnson county when someone almost runs you over, they apologize. In Jackson county, they usually ignore … More Look both ways…