Injury Free Running

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor/lawyer/scientist.  I have been running for over two decades, as much as 70 miles per week and as little as zero.  I’ve been injured a handful of times and it sucks.  I came to a point where I was getting injured frequently and considered not running anymore, but it’s a lifestyle … More Injury Free Running

Trail Coffee: Little Red Wagon Geo, Revisited

Previously I posted about Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters Geo coffee packets.  I was excited to try another option for coffee on the trail.  The thought of high quality coffee while backpacking had my mouth watering.  There’s nothing like rolling out of your tent on a cool morning for some vestibule side coffee.  Well, the Geo packets … More Trail Coffee: Little Red Wagon Geo, Revisited

Coffee on the Trail: Little Red Wagon Geo Review

A buddy noticed an article on Backpacking Light Geo Coffee Review* reviewing a trail friendly coffee product, the Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters’ Geo.  I ordered a 12-pack of the neat little packets in the Panama – Camiseta Estate offering.  I decided to test out the coffee in my office.  The process was simple: hook the paper … More Coffee on the Trail: Little Red Wagon Geo Review

Coffee on the Trail

I’ll admit that I’m pretty much a coffee addict.  I love a couple cups in the morning, and on cold mornings it practically transcendent.  My go-to coffee solution has been Starbucks Via packets.  While I’d prefer a french press, I don’t want to deal with that on the trail.  Via packets taste (not great, but) … More Coffee on the Trail