GORUCK GR1: Sternum Strap and Grimlocks

One of the few things the GORUCK GR1 is lacking is a sternum strap.  A sternum strap is a key feature when carrying heavy loads for an extended period of time.  It allows your shoulders to relax a little and stabilizes the load.  Add-on sternum straps are actually kind of hard to find.  I was … More GORUCK GR1: Sternum Strap and Grimlocks


Enter The GR1

For a handful of reasons, I decided to pick up a GORUCK GR1.  It arrived at the end of last week, and like a giddy schoolboy, I unboxed it (and my new GR TAC) and wore it empty around my office.  (not really) ((ok, yeah, I did)) I’m not going to go into crazy detail about … More Enter The GR1

GORUCK, you win

I originally had reservations about shelling out the fairly serious cash for a GORUCK GR1, but after reading this post, I want them to have my money.  It’s an American company that behaves like I wish more companies did, making an American product with American workers, and caring for fellow humans.  ‘Merica.  (removes hand from … More GORUCK, you win