Pick a Pack

Probably one of the biggest choices I have to make in preparing for the GORUCK Challenge is which backpack to use.  One of the conditions of the event is that you must carry 4 bricks with you for the entire challenge, among other requisite and recommended gear.  Oh wait, make that 6 bricks if you weigh over 150 pounds (because life isn’t fair).

Wrap your bricksSince the GORUCK Challenge originated as a way for GORUCK to test their gear.  They primarily make military inspired/tested backpacks and accessories.  They are a bit expensive, and probably won’t appeal to the flashy, techno-cool crowd ( from which I can’t completely disassociate myself), but they do appear as literally bomb-proof as conceivable.  The recommended pack for the GORUCK Challenge, and claimed most versatile, is the GR1.  At 26 liters, it’s their mid-sized pack and original creation.  But my question is, is it overkill?  Can I use something that I already own, or find something a bit less expensive that will do the needful?

Bombproof Backpack
Option 1: expensive, durable, impressive
Option 2?: cheaper, waist belt, chest strap

One thought on “Pick a Pack

  1. Seriously, don’t try and carry 6 bricks in anything made by Osprey. I blew out the seams on a Manta and a Talon pack before realising they weren’t up to the job i was asking of them… and that was only mountain biking and commuting!
    Since bought a GR1 and am delighted. True confidence in your kit is an important part of making yourself feel badass enough to do things like the GORUCK challenge!

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