New Balance MT100, SWEET!

New Balance MT100 Trail Running shoes
New Balance MT100 Trail Running Shoes

As part of my efforts to move towards the minimalist running style, I am moving to simpler, lower heeled running shoes.  In need of a new set of trail shoes, the New Balance MT 100 trail shoes were perfectly in line.  These were actually developed for minimalist ultramarathoners.

I found the best price and free shipping at  Did I mention this was free two-day shipping?!

Out of the box they are simplistic and light weight.  On the foot they remind me of the fit and feel of my old school Nike Waffle Trainers.  The uppers mostly a breathable fabric with reinforced areas in the toe and arch.  I’m glad to see the stronger fabric in the arch, a point where I have had sticks painfully poke through into my foot while on the trail.  The heelcup is formed by a semi-rigid foam, and the inside seems to be designed with the sockless runner in mind.

The thinner sole could pose some issues for sharp rocks and other trail hazzards, but a thing flexible plastic plate “Rockstop” has been incorporated into the forefoot to add to the protection.

The shoe is designed for the “minimalist”, mid to forfoot striker with the traction on the front half of the sole.  I’m planning my first run in these trail hounds this weekend.  I’ll post a followup after a test drive.


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