Hummer = D-bag

Yet more proof that only stuffed shirts and douchebags drive Hummers: a KC cyclist was chased down and then assaulted by a man driving a Hummer H2.  I don’t know what kind of tool cuts off a person (regardless if it’s a car or bike) and then gets mad at the person they cut off … More Hummer = D-bag

Umm… what?

I saw this on my ride home last night, and I’m not sure what to make of it.  It’s a very large fan blowing over a green at a Mission Hills golf course.  Now was the purpose of this to keep the golfers comfy as they make their birdie putts, or does it serve some … More Umm… what?

I like beer

I like beer.  There’s no shame in that, right?  One of my favorite blogs is the KC Beer Blog.  I am continually amazed by (and envious of) their frequent attendance of the area’s finest (and not so fine) beer serving establishments. On that note: KC is the lucky recipient of the newest Flying Saucer Draught … More I like beer

Look both ways…

My ride home last night was mostly average, the morning’s tailwind became the afternoon’s headwind, and the average descent became the ascent. However, I did come across a notable discovery: a difference between Johnson county and Jackson county. In Johnson county when someone almost runs you over, they apologize. In Jackson county, they usually ignore … More Look both ways…