Holy Jeeze and the MR340

Wow.  The time has gone by far too fast.  So far this year we have attended seven weddings, and we still have four more to go.  Luckily Jen and I took a trip out to Colorado and drank copious amounts of beer.  Well, enough of the fooling around, it’s time for some home repairs, bike rodeos, paddling, and local beer drinking.

Speaking of paddling:  The Missouri River 340 completed today.  This is the world’s longest non-stop river race.  It consists of 340 miles of the Missouri River from Kansas City to St. Louis. It is broken up into various categories, such as solo, tandem, team, men’s, women’s, etc…

One of my friends actually competed in the men’s tandem division.  They ended up in second place with a time of 42 hours and 35 minutes, only 3 minutes out of first!  Team Inertia kicks some serious ass.


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