Good things are great

At some point, I think everyone has thought it was a different day of the week than it actually was. Sometimes it’s Tuesday, but you think it’s Thursday. That can be a real let-down. (I’m not really sure when to use hyphens, so I just pretend). Today was a good day. For some reason unknown to me, I kept feeling like it was a Monday, but it’s Friday. It was like finding a $20 in your pocket! And it happened at least three times today! Maybe I’m already loosing my mind, but at least it’s fun.

We returned to the Flying Saucer for lunch today, and they just moved up to the top level of any restaurant/bar that I have ever had the pleasure of giving my money. They already have an outstanding product selection (tasty beer) and great table-side manner, but today they went above and beyond.

We arrived right about noon and found one of the few open tables. We had unexpectedly ended up in the highly revered Michelle section. She was a outstanding server (thanks Bull E. Vard). She seemed slightly concerned when we mentioned her status. I’m expecting an email or official letter requesting I remain some minimum distance from her person from now on.

Our ordering went smoothly enough, and our beverages arrived promptly. After some time, Michelle returned to apologize for our food being delayed. We didn’t even notice it was late. She then returned a few minutes later with chips and salsa, apologizing again… without us mentioning anything. At many other establishments the delay is a normal part of the lunch rush. She apologized again and said that our order got lost but they were working on it now.

The food came out and it was tasty. I would recommend The Turkey Meltdown. During our meal the manager came out to our table, apologized, and comped our meals. When was the last time that happened?! I can’t remember the last time a manager said anything to anyone about an unsatisfactory meal or service.

The best part is that we never had to mention it or express any sort of dissatisfaction. So I now command you to go to the Flying Saucer and drink beer.


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