Umm… what?

I saw this on my ride home last night, and I’m not sure what to make of it.  It’s a very large fan blowing over a green at a Mission Hills golf course.  Now was the purpose of this to keep the golfers comfy as they make their birdie putts, or does it serve some sort of scientific purpose, such as drying off the green after a brief shower?  I’m not a scientist, but I’m always happy to laugh at high-brow golfers.


2 thoughts on “Umm… what?

  1. That probably meant to dry the green out after rain. Some golf courses that don’t have proper or adequate drainage on or around their greens and I have seen a few do this in an effort to remedy the problem. Probably should have been designed the correct way initially, or it should be fixed.

    This would actually detract from my enjoyment of golf as one of the things that I appreciate is how a good golf course architecture/design aims to keep its environment as “natural” as possible. Use local native trees, work with the existing topography, and simply blend in. Unfortunately, many courses do not do this very effectively and I think it will become more of an issue as many golf courses do not take steps to be, pardon the pun, green – as in environmentally green.

  2. It’s to keep the greens from burning out in the summer. I’ve seen these on a few other courses in town. Ironhorse, I think… Anyway, if a green doesn’t have a lot of tree coverage, it will burn out from all the sun. Seems like Indian Hills (and my yard…) always loses some tress in the winter, so there are some spots that just don’t get any shade. Fairways and tee boxes take their share of abuse, and are pretty durable. The grass on a green is a different story. So, the fans keep the air moving around the green, keeping them (somewhat) cooler. I don’t think they have anything to do with rain, because as the previous post said, a green shouldn’t be truly flat in the first place.

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