Beer, Nintendo, and Leg Lamps

I rode over to the 75th Street Brewery on Wedneday night to enjoy a couple of beers and catch Flannigan’s Right Hook. They are an Irish/Rock/Bluegrass band consisting of a guitarist, electric violinist, and a drummer. The show was impressive and diverse.

Many of the songs would be expected: Beatles covers, traditional Irish instrumentals, Neal Diamond. But what caught me off guard was a most impressive version of Metallica’s One. It was a bit abstract but outstanding, consisting of only the drummer and violinist. The Zelda/Mario Bros. medly was an obvious fan favorite. This is the stuff that beer drinking was meant for.

I believe they regularly play 75th Street at 10pm on Wednesdays, with no cover!

Here are some links to their videos:

Greensleeves, Finnegan’s Wake

As a bonus, on my ride home I came across a house proudly displaying a leg lamp a la A Christmas Story! Sorry for the crappy pic, it was dark and I was far away:


3 thoughts on “Beer, Nintendo, and Leg Lamps

  1. I sit at approximately 7000 ft. elevation writing this post. This is my first official day in CO. I tried posting on the blog a few weeks ago, but it did not work. Nice leg lamp.

  2. Flanigans right hook sucks!! They are a band with a Irish name that doens’t play Irish music. They just plain out really suck really bad.

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