I like beer

I like beer.  There’s no shame in that, right?  One of my favorite blogs is the KC Beer Blog.  I am continually amazed by (and envious of) their frequent attendance of the area’s finest (and not so fine) beer serving establishments.

On that note: KC is the lucky recipient of the newest Flying Saucer Draught Emporium.  It is because of this place that I no longer fear death.  I now know what heaven is like.  They have the most outstanding selection of beer I have ever seen.  They have a ridiculous number of beers on tap; I was too giddy to even count.

They have a club that one can join to track their beer tasting adventures.  Upon signing up and paying a nominal fee, one’s progress can be checked online or on-site.  Once the enjoyer of beer has reached 200 beverages consumed, he or she is properly rewarded with a $100 bar tab.  That, my friends, is how you reward the customer.  Of course, you have already dropped between $800-$1000 dollars on your adventure.

All in all, the selection is second to none, the pricing is good, and the food is fair.  Every day they have a “Fire Sale” on a beer: $2.75 for a pint.  That’s pretty damn good, and considering they don’t stock any crap beers, you’re generally in luck.


5 thoughts on “I like beer

  1. I type this as I’m sitting at The Flying Saucer. You should know that Michelle is the best waitress in the place and you should go out of your way to sit in her section.

    Thanks for the compliments and the comments on the KC Beer Blog.

  2. This place sounds cool. I’d be up for visiting and checking it out. Perhaps we can wrap up a beer tasting and camping trip (perhaps with Jesse) into one weekend….

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