Running and Yoga

surprising forms

I know what you’re thinking, “mmm… granola is tasty.”  We’ll you’re right it is tasty.  Emily over at Barefoot Fitness found an article that echos my sentiments on the yoga/running combo.

Back in college when I was running everyday, and training (mostly) properly, I was fairly strong and flexible.  But in this older, more domesticated life as a desk jockey, my body’s resilience is waning.  My workouts (if you can call them that) are also much more sporadic: short run here, long run there, bike ride whenever…  So basically adulthood is cramping my style.

I’m not a full-on yoga fiend (remember sporadic), but when I do include it as a regular-ish part of my routine, my legs feel less restricted and I’m more injury free.  All of my chronic injuries since college have been soft tissue/flexibility related and yoga seems to keep this beast at bay.  The right instructor and studio/dojo combination can also do wonders for your stress levels.  I can come out of certain sessions feeling as good as I do after an hour massage.


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