To Pee or Not to Pee…

I was googling Arien O’Connell to find out more about her getting screwed out of her victory in Nike Women’s Marathon when I found a site that spoke to me.  Arien O’Connell’s issue says more about caste and robotic policy, which I find frustrating and filled with asshattery.

But the site that I found broached a topic I feel is common to runners around the world.  It’s also my favorite nation: urination.

Sometimes you get started on a run and forget to go before you head out the door.  Other times you didn’t have to go when you left, but it came on strong.  I have had several run-ins with this issue.  I’ve peed in parks, behind cars, buildings, storm sewers, and even during a race while running.  (I didn’t want to give up my position.)  And more than once have I had to drop the emergency duece on the run.  I’ve wiped with leaves, grass, paper, and even snow.  It’s not too much of a problem when you can find a public restroom, or are in the woods, but when you’re in an industrial park… I was just glad it was Saturday, so there weren’t many people around.

Vanilla appologizes for all of us on Half-Fast.


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