Reality sucks

Holy crap. April is gone, and our wedding tour of the Midwest is taking its toll on my energy, time, and wallet. I wasn’t able to get a camping trip in during the month of April. I don’t know if I’m allowed to make it up or not. I guess that kind of forfeits my goal, if I allow makeups. So, my new twelve-month camping goal starts in May.

May has already started off with a busy schedule. In an effort to keep our wedding attendance stats up, we headed up to Chicago for the first weekend in May. I have been on-call for work over the last weekend. And this upcoming weekend we head north again for a wedding in La Crosse, WI.

The good news is, this is National Bike to Work Week. The bad news is, I didn’t ride in today. Since I am on-call, I figured I should be more readily available. But after a conversation with my team-lead, we decided I should bike anyway. So, once I get home from work today, my goal is to not ride in a car until Saturday.


2 thoughts on “Reality sucks

  1. Kick ass, I rode my bike to work today without even knowing it was the start of bike week. Though I do cheap quite a bit as I ride to the light rail station, load my bike, then ride from another station to my office. In my defense, the office is 15 miles from home each way.

  2. There’s no cheating in that. I’d call it smart commuting. You’ll have to let me know if you keep going for the week.

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