Another late start

Power and Light BuildingI was late this morning again. I swear that I set my alarm for 5:50, but me lady woke me up at 6:17 to ask if I was biking in. Crap. I somehow managed to gather some clothes, make lunch, and pack everything (along with a few other morning dooties) and be out the door before 7:00. That makes for a tight schedule but still manageable. The only think I forgot was my security badge (the thing that lets me onto my floor at work).

The weather was awesome and the ride was good. Two 80 degree days in a row! It was 59 when I left the house this morning. I did run into a security guard at the FOX4 station who told me I can’t cut through their parking lot any more. She was really nice, and I guess that’s fair. They do have a sidewalk I can use for a bit. The intersection at 31st and SW Trafficway still proves to be a logistical kink in my route. I could add some distance and probably make it an easier ride. Maybe I’ll cut down through midtown. Meh…


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