…better than one

I’m lucky that my wife is not only the better looking but smarter member of our pair. As usual, I rolled out in semi-awake fashion, not realizing until I was 9 miles out that I left my cell phone and pager (90’s pimp style) at home. Being without a cell phone, I was unable to call and ask Jen to grab it on her way out. By the time I made it in to work and called her, she had already left the house and didn’t answer her cell phone.

But her competence and observation made up for my lacking there of. She had grabbed said items when she wheeled out the door. That’s friggin’ teamwork.

My first commute in Bike to Work Week was uneventful.  The weather off to the west was intimidating, but it held off.  50% chance of storms today.  Could be a fun ride home.


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