I like to think about survival, but then what?

I like disaster movies and talking about the zombie apocalypse.  I have even talked through disaster scenarios with groups of friends.  But I haven’t made any sort of preparation.  I used to figure that my wife and I can use our backpacking gear to survive for quite a while.  But now that we have a kid, that changes the scenario.  Besides, the most likely scenario to occur would be loosing utility services for and extended period of time.  Surviving in Minnesota during the summer would be easy enough, but winter in an unforgiving season.  A few days without power or natural gas and the house is just a wind block.

Hell for Leather: Cody Lundin on Surviving by Riding

Before I get too carried away, one of my favorite motorcycle blogs revisited an article they posted a while ago.  It features Cody Lundin of Dual Survival discussing the essentials of survival, specifically using a motorcycle.

“How much shit should I have Cody?’ Well hell, I don’t know. the reader needs to figure out what they want. I’m telling them what they should pack first or they’ll die. Anything else is up to the rider and the location and the nature of the emergency and what the weather’s like. How many dead people on the road? There’s too many variables, there’s no one answer.”

Cody has a very pragmatic approach to survival, focusing on the basic necessities required to stay alive.  I’m adding his books to my list of things to read.

Hell For Leather: Cody Lundin on Surviving by Riding


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