GORUCK Training: The Coupon


In addition to carrying a backpack with bricks and water in it, there are coupons.  Redeemable for extra good livin’ immediately, just see your local hardware store.  For only a few dollars, we added a 60 lb. sandbag to our arsenal this week.  I ditched it in the woods of Lone Lake Park, our wooded training grounds near our workplace.  Kevin and I left work with our rucks and picked up the coupon just as we entered the woods.  We spent about an hour total warming up, humping up and down hills, ditching the coupon and doing crab walks, burpees, push-ups, chin-ups, box jumps, and cooling down.  We’re probably going to have to work on some longer training events to prepare for the 12 or so hours that the GORUCK Challenge will cover.


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