Happy 2013: Who knows?

Snow BridgeThere it was; 2012 come and gone.  Being my first full year as a parent, a lot of new things were encountered.  I pushed boundaries.  I found out that I can go days in a row on three hours sleep a night.  And most important, I found out that being a parent is pretty awesome.  So I’m going to lay down a few spur of the moment resolutions for 2013:

  • Get better sleep.  Being a new parent, I’m often tempted to stay up and get things done, or just hang out like an adult, but my daughter still gets up at the same time.  My life is better when I get good sleep and manage my life appropriately for the father of a one year old.  
  • Complete the Minneapolis GORUCK Challenge.  I’m already registered and paid, so I better get it done.
  • Complete another 50K.  I’ll probably aim for the Trail Mix in April.
  • Go winter camping at least once.
  • Do something about my chronically sore/tight back.  Yoga, abs, whatever.
  • Get my shit together and make general better use of my time.

That’s all I have for now.  Get out and do something.


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