Alright, I get it.

A couple of friends (are they friends if you pay for them to hang out with you?) have informed me that I haven’t been attending this blogishness, so I’ve been really, really, REALLY bad about keeping this thing updated .  I’ve been busy… I think.  We’ll go with that.  But, I have drank a lot … More Alright, I get it.

Still here!

I’m still here! Crap people, give me a break. I just crawled out from underneath the ruins of an ancient Mayan temple. Those natives are feisty! Don’t EVER take directions from a guy with an eye patch just because he’s the only person speaking English. Despite what movies like Turistas will try to impress upon … More Still here!

Gravy = Fuel

I don’t know what particular component of the two is so outstanding: the biscuit or the gravy, but the combination of the two is nothing short of fantastic. That warm flaky tasty bomb of a biscuit drowning in spicy gray matter of grease and pork. Mmm MMM! It is with that inspiration that I bring … More Gravy = Fuel

Sleeping in

I woke up late yesterday. It was just one of those mornings. Ladyfriend has class in the evening, so we don’t carpool. Time to bike. If I was smart, I would pack my clothes and food at night instead of scrambling in the morning. But I’m not smart like that. I’m never sure if I’ve … More Sleeping in

Trash Island

Ugh…  Have you ever watched a documentary or read about something that completely depressed you?  The Lady and I watched National Geographic’s Strange Days on Planet Earth Dangerous Catch; Dirty Secrets.  It covered a few unsavory topics: over fishing, fresh water contamination, and the trash island between California and Hawai’i. I have heard of this … More Trash Island

Look both ways…

My ride home last night was mostly average, the morning’s tailwind became the afternoon’s headwind, and the average descent became the ascent. However, I did come across a notable discovery: a difference between Johnson county and Jackson county. In Johnson county when someone almost runs you over, they apologize. In Jackson county, they usually ignore … More Look both ways…

Young @ Heart

For some reason, this goes well with the Soul Train that we were watching this morning.  My brother alerted me to this: “You may have heard about this singing ensemble already.  It is a group of aged 75+ people that sing rock tunes in the Boston area.  They take this seriously and their goal is … More Young @ Heart

TWC – March

So, as could be expected, I waited until the last weekend of March to get my camping trip in.  I was really hoping it would warm up and stay above 40F over night.  That wasn’t quite the case, but it was bearable.  I started planning on Wednesday for my over-nighter on Friday.  I made a … More TWC – March