Cold Run Wasn’t So Cold

Cold Minneapolis

After 5 days of not running because of the cold snap, I broke.  I had been kind of lazy about running the extreme cold (less than 5 degrees).  But with some crappy eating habits and general restlessness, I had all that I could take.  I packed up my gear and was ready for a lunchtime run.  The NOAA (above) told me that though it was cold, the winds were relatively light and it was actually above zero today.  I went for it before I could talk myself into a slice of lasagna.  I am so glad I did.   I feel remarkably better, and it actually wasn’t bad at all.  My fingers were a little cold for the first ten minutes, but after I got warmed up, I was zipping down my jacket and lowering my neck gaiter.

In case anyone cares, here’s an example of my running wardrobe for very cold temps:

  • Head: Smartwool beanie under a random synthetic winter hat
  • Hands: some old, beat up Seirus gloves
  • Upper Body: Under Armor base layer (not my favorite), merino wool base layer, light weight merino wool sweater (yay Costco!), Sporthill shell
  • Lower Body: some old Sporthill running pants under Sporthill ATV II pants (best cold weather pants ever!)
  • Feet: synthetic running socks (thin) under a pair of Merrell Road Gloves

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