GORUCK Training: 3 Rounds of Fun

GORUCK Challenge Pack Bricks

For the last three weeks two coworkers (Josh and Kevin) and I have begun preparing for the GORUCK Challenge.  We scrounged up bricks, donned our packs and took to the walking trails that surround the business park.  We have “run” the same 3 mile course the last three Mondays at an “airborne shuffle” for our lunchtime good livin’.

For the first workout we carried only 4 bricks each and decided it would be a good idea to do 10 burpees at each mile marker.  It wasn’t terribly difficult, but it was a great introduction to moving around with a loaded pack.  At the time, my bricks were just stacked loosely in my pack, relying only on the side cinch-straps to hold them in place.  Yeah, that didn’t work out.  While coming back up from the push-up position of the burpee, the brick would jostle around and hit me in the back of the neck more than once.  Since it’s not something I wish to repeat, I scavenged some duct tape off a coworker’s desk and ran a quick strip around a group of four and a group of two bricks.

For the second run, we hit the 3 mile course again.  It was a crappy day, we lost Kevin to a lunch-meeting, and for some reason we were just in an overall pissy mood.  We ditched the burpees, but picked up sixty feet of stair climbing.  By the end of the run, we were in a better place.  Good livin’ will do that to you.

On the third brick run, Josh became the de facto Director of Pain.  He did a good job in the inaugural run of the DOP, ensuring that our suffering was ample.  We ran just over a half mile to the stairs for our “Ammo Cache” activity.  Each of us took a turn hauling all three packs up sixty feet of stairs while the other two waited their turns doing push-ups and flutter kicks.  We stopped around the two-mile marker for some quick push-ups, and then around the 2.5 mile mark we went through two rounds of two-man buddy carries: two of us would carry the third for about 50 feet and we rotated through each person.  It was a pretty good time, and I’m excited for my turn at Director of Pain next week.

GORUCK Challenge BackpackI’ve been sticking with my JanSport backpack, and I’m surprisingly happy with it.  After adding the tape around the bricks it’s been much better.  So far I can only see a little stress at the attachment points of the shoulder straps.  Comparing this pack to the GR1 is pretty much pointless, but the having the sternum strap is awesome.  Josh has a GR1 and has since added one, and commented on the huge improvement.  It’s light weight, the compression straps secure the bricks very well, and best of all, it was free!  I don’t know how it will do with a hydration bladder and other gear.  I’ll have to do a test run with that.  We’ll see how it continues to hold up.


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