You get what you pay for

So, the lady and I have a pontoon boat. We bought it last year. It was in someone’s yard along the highway. It was cheap, it floated, and the engine mostly worked. It had an issue with shifting in to gear. I think I know what the problem was, but it’s a moot point now.

We had it out for the first time this year, and it was behaving poorly (as was it’s normal behavior). On our final lap around the lake before heading in, it started to lose power. I ran back and took off the engine cover to reveal this.

Hole in the head

Hole in crank case

Yeah, chewing gum isn’t going to fix that. It ran long enough to get us close to the landing. Anyone need a non-working 55hp outboard?


4 thoughts on “You get what you pay for

  1. Okay, so we bought another boat. We actually bought a replacement engine that came with a boat attached. The pontoon portion of the replacement is even older than our current one, but the engine is newer.

  2. Since I doing know about motors, what’s the actual problem with the engine? I can’t tell from those pictures of assorted metals.

  3. Wick, there’s a gaping hole in the intake manifold. Look towards the top center of the photo.

    Bubble gum won’t fix it, but a big chunk of JB Weld might. 😛

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