Normally I detest commercials. I hate the way the volume (noise floor, whatever) is always so much higher, and they generally just do nothing but annoy me. However, there are gems that make it all worth while. Now for some reason, I never see these on TV, but on they can be found on the web. Remember how the Superbowl that championship NFL game used to have entertaining commercials, but now they all suck?

Meh… anyways, here are my top two favorite commercials of all time. I never remember what the first one is advertising, but it’s funny to me. It’s also the namesake of this blog. (Yes, I know chimps aren’t monkeys.) The second one is a Nutrigrain commercial that is just outstanding.


I feel great.


One thought on “Commercials

  1. It’s weird, people have told me that I look like the dude from the Nutrigrain commerical. That’s ok with me. I feel great! Babies everywhere!

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