Reznor spent most of the 1990s belting out misanthropic anthems for young people decked out in dark eyeliner and combat boots. These records are built around his vocals, but they’re equally notable for their thick, temple-of-doom soundscapes. On his new release, Reznor drops the singing and puts those atmospheres in the center ring.”

OK, now I know I’m getting old. Yesterday, I heard a short review of Nine Inch Nails newest album(s) on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered (read it here). I have always viewed NPR favorably, and their music reviewers are often more progressive than the “Alternative Rock” radio stations.

I’ll try not to get into my opinions of most Alt Rock stations, but they are just as commercially driven and homogeneous as any other station. Internet radio is the only place to find a good variety.

Trent Reznor has dropped his label and brought his music straight to the people. You can listen to it, and even download the first nine tracks FREE, here. If you enjoyed his haunting, soothing, and sometimes unsettling work such as A Warm Place, you could find something you like in his newest work.

Another article from NPR with sample tracks of NIN (click the Listen Now button).


2 thoughts on “NIN on NPR

  1. Internet radio is the only way to find decent new music, now…other than a few meager college stations; but their signals are usually a “10-watt peanut whistle” that can only be picked-up across the street on a clear day.
    My son and I trade a 250-Gig outboard hard drive back and forth, and load it up with our lastest faves, both audio and video. It’s a good father/son inter-generational exchange. Most of the content is peeled off of internet radio and similar sources. We’re talking about a 1-Terabyte unit, now.

    Happy trails,
    Bad Ben

  2. I saw NIN in 1990 when they opened for Peter Murphy (former leads singer for Bauhaus, an ’80s alternative band) at Marquette University. I was already a fan at that time – Head Like a Hole had come out recently and the performance was great.

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