GORUCK Challenge Training: Snow Ruck

GORUCK GR1 Coupon Snow

My girlfriend, Sandy, lives in the woods.  She’s not really a girl, or a friend.  Sandy is a 60 pound sandbag that sleeps next to a downed tree in Lone Lake Park.  Today’s workout brought me to those woods to lift Sandy from the snow, and carry her up and down a few hills, lift overhead, and drop (repeatedly).  Hill climbs, squats, push-ups, lunges, more overhead carries, box jumps, and bear crawls made up my lunch hour today.  With only four weeks until the Challenge, I feel the need to step up my training efforts.  Experienced Ruckers have said that squats, push-ups, and shoulder presses are good areas to focus.  That’s good to know, because my upper body strength is probably lacking.

GORUCK GR1 hydration tube attachment

I added my 70 ounce hydration bladder to the GORUCK GR1 this weekend, and it added a bit of weight, bringing my total pack weight to about 38 pounds.  I used a short length of twine to secure the hydration tube; I should probably look for something more durable and permanent before the event.

The Minneapolis Challenge teams are planning a mini-ruck this weekend, a great gear test and a 3-4 hour taste of what the Challenge will offer.  It will be interesting to do a full load and see how it all fits and carries.


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