Softopper Long-term Review

This is a quick update on my Softopper post from two years ago.  It’s quick because it’s been uneventful.  My biggest concern was how it would hold up to the cold Minnesota winters.  It has handled them flawlessly.  The rear window is a little cloudier than it was when new, but that might be because I rarely ever clean my truck.  It seriously is in like-new condition.

Softopper Tacoma cold weather

It’s been through rain storms, hail, ice, snow, and actual temperatures from 100 above to negative 20.  Installation was easy.  Setup and takedown takes just a few minutes.  Completely removing requires only pulling a couple pins.  I am completely satisfied with the Softopper.

The recommendation is to avoid sharp bends of the material when it’s below 50 or 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  I was worried because, in Minnesota, we can go months without breaking above freezing.  My strategy has been to set up the topper in November and leave it up through the winter.  I didn’t avoid using the rear door, but I was careful when bending it.  It gave me no trouble.



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