Coffee on the Trail: Little Red Wagon Geo Review

A buddy noticed an article on Backpacking Light Geo Coffee Review* reviewing a trail friendly coffee product, the Little Red Wagon Coffee Roasters’ Geo.  I ordered a 12-pack of the neat little packets in the Panama – Camiseta Estate offering.  I decided to test out the coffee in my office.  The process was simple: hook the paper arms over the edges of your mug, tear off the perforated top of the filter, pour hot water over.  It’s not quite as quick as Starbuck’s Via, but it tastes much better.  Here’s a quick video for scientific purposes:

The coffee was great.  This particular variety was very mild, so individual satisfaction may vary.  Since the Via packets are pretty good on the trail, I imagine the Geo pour-overs will be mind blowing.

Update: Trail Coffee: Little Red Wagon Geo, Revisited


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