Beer Bar Qualifier: The Menu

Beer Menu Chalkboard

Like courting a lady, finding a pub to call home is a delicate endeavor.  You have to look for the subtle hints to make sure she’s interested.  She has to have personality, individuality, and sexuality hospitality.  I’ll share with you one of the secrets of the game: the beer menu.

The beer menu that a bar presents gives you a sneak peek into her intentions into your relationship.  If she presents you a formally printed menu, fitted finely into a leatherbound folder, she will probably be high maintenance and of little depth.

If you show up and she provides a copied paper menu, folded in a container on the table or set on the bar, she is genuine and without guile.  She has definite potential.  Here, it’s all about content.  Does she show a single definition: light pilsner, or does she span the depths of human existance?

Truly, the greatest introduction is a display of true passion: the chalkboard.  This shows she has pride in herself, but isn’t afraid to try new things.  She won’t hide things from you and will gladly share her newest and greatest discoveries.  This is a girl to hold on to.


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