The Great Kitchen Massacre of ’08, part 1

This may seem like an odd time to go over all of this since we’re moving, but it’s my blog, so I get to do what I like.

We bought this house with full knowledge that we would have to completely remodel the kitchen.  There were nowhere near enough outlets, no space for a dishwasher, the hot water didn’t work, and the layout sucked.  (The fridge opened into the entryway.)

The original beast.
The original beast.

The first thing that we did was add a door to the back yard.  There was only a door from the side of the house, and we got tired of walking the dog to the back yard gate every morning.  So we picked a 25 degree January day to knock out a window and put in a door.

How it started
The one on the left is going away

I dropped all of the trim and removed the section of drywall below the window.  Then I busted out the reciprocating saw (one of my favorite tools) and removed the window.

January may not be the best time to take out a window
January may not be the best time to take out a window

From there, the recip saw just buzzed down to the floor and cut out the remaining part of the wall.

Don't mind the A/C unit
Don't mind the A/C unit

The siding had to be cut back to allow for the door trim that is a part of the fram.  This was done with a circular saw adjusted for the depth of the siding.


The gap between the siding and door trim wasn’t as pretty as I would have liked it to be, but the door was level and square.  I’ll have to come back and clean it up with some wood filler and caulk.



Once the door was secured with an ample number of 3.5″ screws some flexible spray foam was used to fill in the gaps.  Once dry the excess was trimmed with a razor.  It’s important to note that you shouldn’t use hardening spray foam to fill gaps near windows or doors.  Foams such as the red can of Great Stuff can actually expand and bend the frame of the window or door. 

Next time we’ll talk about tearing up the old kitchen.


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